In addition to creating a quality product in the three production buildings using various technologies, including high quality “semiintelato” technology, Dimitrov is planning a new stage of its development, most specific – creating a finished product for its customers and offering a collection of its own two brands – Desiso Monni and Monni.

Offering our partners a finished product requires a large team of high quality specialists: designers, fashion designers, constructors, product managers. The decision of the owners for this team is to be located near the production buildings and therefore two new projects were implemented – creative and financial building and Club for sports and relaxation. Both buildings are extremely modern and innovative with a highly aesthetic interior environment and won awards for buildings of the year in Bulgaria for 2018 and 2019. These buildings created an opportunity for Dimitrov to attract high quality specialists from the country and abroad in order to be able to realize their ideas for creating and managing a finished product.

In addition to the finished product, the company offers its customers opportunities to implement the service “made to measure” and the creation of their collections.

The development of the production ceremony is a new direction in the concept of Dimitrov, for which it offers a rich collection of possible models.